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Medical billing regulations are always changing, sometimes weekly, sometimes even daily. Insurance companies sometimes make up their own rules as they go, and this makes it extremely difficult for physicians and their billing staff to keep up with individual carrier rules and government regulations. A physicians most valuable time can be spent sifting through guideline after guideline, while patient care takes a back seat. As a medical professional, you would much rather get back to treating patients and having someone trust worthy of looking after your billing. This is the most practical solution! ON THE MONEY MEDICAL BILLING

On The Money LLC, is a medical billing and full practice management firm, designed with your practice in mind. A medical billing company should be an efficient extension to your office staff and billing department. They should be an extension to your practice to INCREASE revenue, at the same time, giving the physician more time to treat patients and deal only with patient care while we take care of all the medical billing!

On the Money LLC understands the importance of an outsourced medical billing company that you can fully rely on. That's why we focus on providing the best medical billing and practice management services possible. We get the work done quickly and accurately, providing stellar support that will ensure that you can keep your practice running smoothly. You can count on us to get back to you promptly, and when you call us, we are always available! We make getting your practice the maximum reimbursement possible for all of your medical billing claims!

On the Money LLC, offers a full range of medical billing and practice management services. We customize our services to meet the needs of your medical practice. On the Money LLC, will provide you, your office, and your staff, with a stress free environment that will leave you, and your medical practice staff, the opportunity to focus on providing the best possible medical care for your patients!

Contact us now,  at (606) 521-9158 or. complete a request for additional information.  We also invite you to visit our free medical billing blog so that you can see how our company takes pride in our work, stays completely up-to-date, and cares about your practice!

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